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Singerly Listening Station - Larry Storke

Singerly Listening Station - Larry Storke

An oral history initiative of the Singerly Fire Company in Elkton, Maryland. This is an interview with Deputy Chief Larry Storke. The veteran firefighter talks about the passage of 60 years in the fire service. This segment contains outtakes from the full length interview.



Top Responders - 2nd Quarter - 2014

Singerly would like to thank the following members for thier outstanding response totals for the 2nd Quarter of 2014 (April, May and June) Keep up the good work.

Fire / Rescue: 297

EMS: 1218

Top 10 Fire:                                                                       

Joe Zurolo - 126                                                                

Tim Poore - 59

Cathy Farrell - 52

Michele Debold - 50

Travis Terry - 49

Pete Ryan - 48

William Moncrieffe - 41

Fred Hill - 39

David Meaders - 39

Gary Armour - 36

Top 10 EMS:

Joe Zurolo - 180

Mike Kurian - 143

Megan Dennis - 106

David Scarbrough - 87

Alex McLennan - 77

Travis Terry - 51

Adam Wolle - 46

Jonathon Biggs-Moore - 39

Jason Cantera - 35

Sam Waters - 35



Top Responders - June 2014

Singerly would like to thank the following members for thier outstanding response totals for June. Keep up the good work.

Fire/Rescue - 89

EMS - 419

Top 10 Fire:

Joe Zurolo - 46

Fred Hill - 25

Tim Poore - 23

Michele Debold - 21

Gary Armour - 20

Jim McMillan - 18

Pete Ryan - 16

James Fischer - 15

David Meaders - 15

Ed Long - 14

Top 10 EMS:

Mike Kurian - 73

Joe Zurolo - 70

Megan Dennis - 41

Alec McLennan - 38

Adam Wolle - 25

Jamie Muller - 18

Jen McClellan - 17

David Scarbrough - 16

Christina Miller - 13



Firefighter Allen Ferguson 1/13/55 - 6/12/14

It is with the deepest regret that the Singerly Fire Company announces the death of member Allen Ferguson following a battle with cancer, he was 59 years old.

Allen had been a member of Singerly since 2002 serving as a Firefighter and Driver; In addition to his mother, survivors include his wife of 36 years, Sharon Messer Ferguson; sons, Brandon Ferguson and wife, Melissa, Elkton, MD, and Brian Ferguson and wife, Megan, Middletown, DE; grandchildren, Tyler, Tayia, Finn, and expected in August, Allena Ferguson; siblings, Linda Yates and husband, Dave, Terry Ferguson and wife, Mary, all of Chesapeake City, MD, and Paul Ferguson and wife, Debbie, Elkton, MD; father- and mother-in-law, Bill and Mary Messer, Corbin, KY; brother- and sister-in-law, David and Carol Cooper, Elkton, MD; brother-in-law, Donnie Messer, Corbin, KY; sister-in-law, Sharyn Ferguson, Cecilton, MD; and numerous nieces and nephews.

For further information regarding the services please contact .



122 Years of Service - Awards Banquet

Saturday, May 10, 2014 

On Saturday, May 10, 2014 Singerly members and guests gathered for the annual awards banquet for 2013.

For the calendar year of 2013 Singerly had 4740 Emergency Medical Services Calls and 1282 Fire/Rescue Calls, with 37 working fires and 24 entrapments on the year.

On April 27, 2013 Singerly hosted the Dedication and Housing for Station 13, welcoming guests from numerous agencies around the region.

The Singerly Honor Guard held a memorial for Martin Ruckman, 9/25/38 – 12/8/13, Marty was life member with over 55 years of service and leaves a legacy that includes his 2 daughters and 3 grandchildren as members of the department, with many of them having served or currently serving as officers of the department.


2013 Administration

·         Chief of the Department – Fred G. Hill Jr.

·         Assistant Chief for EMS – Cheryl Norman


·         President – Donald Hicks

·         1st Vice President – Mollie Graham

·         2nd Vice President – David Meaders

·         Board of Directors

o   William B. Clark

o   William J. McCall

o   Fred G. Hill Jr.

o   David J. Meaders

o   Mollie S. Graham

o   Donald S. Hicks

o   John Dvorak

o   T. Joseph Gipson

o   David W. Goodwin

·         Secretary – Steven Horah

·         Treasurer – Norman Marquess

·         Assistant Treasurer – John McDaniel

·         Membership Secretary – Michele Debold / Jeannie Mayes

·         Chaplain – Father John Soloman / Rev. Karen Bunnell

·         Engineer – T. Joseph Gipson

·         Ladies Auxiliary – 2013

o   President – Nancy Caldwell

o   Vice President – Virginia Cullum

o   Secretaries – Eileen Edelin, Nancy Clugston, Wanda Marquess

o   Treasurer – Betty Evans

o   Assistant Treasurer – Violet Mullins

o   Chaplain – Jane Peterson

o   Historian – Marge Sample


2013 Top Responders

·         Fire & Rescue

1.       Leon Alexander Jr – 292 Calls

2.       Timothy Poore – 246 Calls

3.       David Meaders – 235 Calls

4.       Michele Debold – 218 Calls

5.       William Ayers – 211 Calls

6.       Peter Ryan – 210 Calls

7.       John Yedinak Jr – 207 Calls

8.       John Dvorak – 195 Calls

9.       Robert Muller  - 184 Calls

10.   Fred G. Hill Jr – 177 Calls

·         EMS

1.       Joseph Zurolo – 408 Calls

2.       Ed Cochran – 302 Calls

3.       London McGill – 301 Calls

4.       Tara Dixon – 220 Calls

5.       Michael Kurian – 245 Calls

6.       William Moncrieffe – 135 Calls

7.       Michael Patrick – 132 Calls

8.       Karen Patrick – 131 Calls

9.       Jason Cantera – 127 Calls

10.   Jamie Muller – 121 Calls

·         Fire Police

1.       Joseph Zurolo – 428 Calls

2.       James McMillian – 257 Calls

3.       Joseph Fisona – 169 Calls

4.       William Caldwell – 119 Calls

5.       Justin Archangelo – 99 Calls

·         Fundraising Hours

1.       Linda Clark – 362 Hours

2.       Gene Culley – 266 Hours

3.       Willard Bryan – 236 Hours

4.       Robert McKinney – 233 Hours

5.       Albert Preston – 208 Hours

6.       Tyler Gray – 206 Hours

7.       William Caldwell – 202 Hours

8.       Eileen Edelin – 178 Hours

9.&nbs... [ more ]



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Working House Fire

Wednesday, March 19, 2014 0536 Singerly, Chesapeake City, North East and Newark were alerted for the reported working house fire. Engine 13 arrived to find heavy smoke in the area and began laying a supply line from the last intersection, about 700'. Deputy 3 (Poore) arrived to the residence with Engine 13 and reported a 1 story, single family dwelling with fire showing from the Charlie Side and established the Command. Crews made an aggressive interior attack and held the fire to the living room and roof area void spaces, with heavy smoke and water damage throughout the residence. The box was under control in approximately 25 minutes and the assignment reduced to Singerly Units and New Castle County E9-5, with the transfer units filing in for approximately 1.5 hours.

Deputy Chief 3

Assistant Chief 3

Engine 13

Engine 14

Tanker 13

Engine 9-5 (Newark)

Engine 412 (North East)

Tanker 12 (Chesapeake City)

Ambulance 391

Ambulance 393

Transfers into Station 13 - Engine 813 (Rising Sun) & Ambulance 291



Change your Clocks, Change your Batteries

In anticipation of daylight saving time (DST) beginning in the early morning hours of March 9th, the State Fire Marshal is urging Marylanders to “Change Your Clock – Change Your Battery” in both smoke alarms and carbon monoxide (CO) detectors in their homes. Recognizing that working smoke alarms and CO detectors double a family’s chance of surviving a home fire and/or unsafe carbon monoxide levels, the State Fire Marshal says Daylight Savings Time is a great opportunity for families to change the batteries. “Please take the little time required to help ensure the safety of your family and friends by maintaining these early warning life saving devices.”

A new Maryland law became effective on July 1, 2013 involving “battery only” smoke alarms used in residential properties. When these “battery only” smoke alarms have reached their 10-year life span, they need to be replaced with new long-life sealed lithium battery smoke alarms with silence/hush button features. The silence/hush button feature temporarily disables the alarm so the occupant can ventilate the space from mild smoke conditions typically created during some cooking operations. The use of these alarms eliminates the need to replace the batteries during the 10 year life of the alarm.

The new law also requires homeowners to ensure they have a smoke alarm installed on each floor and in each sleeping area, per National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) recommendations.

If your property is protected with 120 volt electric smoke alarms, they also should be replaced every 10 years with new 120 volt smoke alarms w/ battery back-up to ensure proper and timely operation in the event of a fire.

Along with working smoke alarms and CO detectors, Home Escape Plans are another way Marylanders can avoid injury or death in their homes. By identifying at least two different escape routes, families can practice the plan together – before an emergency strikes. Practicing the plan helps educate younger children to the danger of hazardous situations and the importance of recognizing that the sound of a smoke alarm or CO detector signals a potential hazard in the home. “Changing the battery in your smoke alarms and CO detectors, along with developing and practicing a home escape plan, are two of the best ways to protect your loved ones and yourself from fire and carbon monoxide poisoning,” stated Fire Marshal Geraci.

Please observe the overhead electronic signs as you travel throughout the state this weekend. The Office of the State Fire Marshal and all Marylanders thank the Maryland Department of Transportation and the State Highway Administration for assisting to spread the word about this life saving reminder.   



Working Town House Fire

Saturday, March 1, 2014   Singerly, Chesapeake City and North East were alerted for the reported Working Structure Fire in a Town House. Engine 13 and Chief 3 (Hill) arrived together to find a 2 story, middle of the group town house with hire showing side A. Chief 3 established the command and crews went to work to contain the fire to the main fire building with minimal extension to the exposure residences.

Companies Operating:

Singerly - Engine 13, Engine 3, Rescue 13, Tower 3, Chief 3, Ambulance 391, Utility 333

Chesapeake City - Engine 2, Ambulance 291

North East - Engine 412, Ladder 4

Charlestown - Rescue 5

Rising Sun - Engine 28(transfer), Engine 813

Perryville - Engine 6

Cecilton - Ambulance 191 (transfer)

Harve de Grace - Engine 5-12 (transfer)

Newark - Engine 10-5(transfer)

Oxford - Engine 21-2 (transfer)

Courtesy, CCFB Follower

Courtesy, CCFB Follower

Courtesy, CCFB Follower

Courtesy, CCFB Follower


Good Samaritan alerts occupants of fire

Friday, February 28, 2014   Singerly, North East, Newark and Ches. City fire companies were alerted for a reported structure fire at 111 Delaware Ave. Deputy 13 (Debold) responded and received additional information of a reported shed to the rear of the residence with EPD on location reporting a working fire with extension to the residence. Deputy 13 arrived to find a 10X10 shed with smoke showing with possible extension to the residence with the corrected address of 107 Delaware Ave. Elkton Police utilized their fire extinguishers to knock down some of the fire until the arrival of the first engine. Engine 13 arrived and placed one 1 3/4" line in service and made quick work of the fire. The fire was placed under control within 10 minutes. Upon further investigation it was found there was only minor damage to the rear of the residence. The fire is under investigation by the OSFM.    



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