Station 3 Station 13 Station 14

MVA with Extended Rescue


Friday, April 27, 2012 1443 hrs Singerly was alerted for the Motor Vehicle Accident, reported with rollover and rescue. Assistant Chief 14 (Fischer) arrived and confirmed 1 vehicle overturned with heavy rescue. Crews from Rescue 13 and Engine 14 stabilized the vehicle and began extrication operations. Aviation was requested, along with North East for the additional rescue. Crews continued to work to free the patient for an extended amount of time. Command requested the Shock Trauma GO-TEAM who were assembled and brought to the scene. Crews were able to free the patient after 72 minutes; the patient was flown to a local trauma center.


Perryville and Chesapeake City transferred equipment to Station 13 during the incident and while standing by, Singerly was alerted for a working building fire.